The Lady Mirage Agency journey began in 2005 and is home to a creative agency with full service advertising agency

capabilities, serving for-profit and non-profit sectors around the world.


Lady Mirage Agency is a multinational corporation spanning 6 continents across the globe, operating in 23 countries.  Our regional offices are New York, Singapore, London, Nassau, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Cape Town/Abu Dhabi.

Markets we serve are: Advertising, Automotive, Branded Entertainment, Broadcast, Business-To-Business, Cable T.V., Communications, Consulting, Consumer Marketing, Consumer Publications, Content, Cosmetics, Cinema, Customer Relationship Management, Digital/Interactive, Direct-to-Consumer, Electronics, Event Planning, Experience Design, Fashion/Apparel, Financial, Food & Beverage, Health Care Services, Hospitality, Household Goods, In-Store Advertising, International, Investor Relations, Leisure, Luxury Products, Magazines, Market Research, Media Buying Services, Media Planning, Men's Market, Mobile Marketing, Multicultural,
Multimedia, New Technologies, Newspapers & Magazines, Out-of-Home Media, Outdoor, Pharmaceutical, Planning & Consultation, Point of Purchase, Point of Sale, Print, Public Relations, Radio, Recruitment, Regional, Restaurant, Retail, Retail Merchandising, Sales Promotion, Sports Market, Strategic Planning/Research, Street Furniture, T.V., Teen Market, Trade & Consumer Magazines, Transportation, Travel & Tourism, Women's Market, and Women's Advertising.


Lady Mirage Global endeavours began in 1995.  Early beginnings were of Lady Mirage Entertainment and the sharing of business ideas to create opportunities for overlooked talent and economies (hence the term mirage)  in the marketplace among a group of colleagues who resided in different cities and states.  

Initial work and clients developed in the midwest in North America with operations in Minneapolis, Louisville, Chicago, and Atlanta, later to span 23 states.  After restructuring, Lady Mirage Global narrowed opertations to 6 states, and expanded into international territories.